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    Staining and Sealing are extremely important to protect your deck or fence from the elements.  If you do not do this, you risk wood decay and loss of color. 

    There is more to picking out a stain or seal then you might think. There are many different preservatives on the market and you want to be sure to pick the right one for your decks conditions and needs.  Water protection and UV protection are the most concerning things to think about when considering what stain or seal to use. At Maryland Fence, Deck & Patio we use quality staining & sealing products and can guide you in choosing the right product for your project.

    Categories of Sealers and Stains:

    Clear Water Sealer – No UV, just water repellent and grays out quickly.

    Transparent/Clear Stains – Excellent UV protection, mildew resistant, breathable, water repellent, color retention.  Requires maintenance every two years. Great value and long lasting.

    Semi Transparent Stains – Extreme UV protection, mildew and mold resistant, water repellent, excellent color retention.  Requires maintenance every two to three years. Great value.

    Solid Stains – Maximum UV protection and maximum color retention, water clean up, mildew and mold clean up.  Requires maintenance every four years.

    Before choosing what type of stain or sealer to use there are some things to consider:

    • Age of Wood
    • Condition of Wood and How Well Has It Been Maintained
    • Amount of Shade
    • Amount of Foot Traffic
    • Climate
    • Surrounding Trees

    When you are ready to choose a stain or sealer contact our experts at Maryland, Fence Deck and Patio!  Let us help you figure out the best wood preservative for your deck or fences condition, and answer all of the questions you might have. We want you to get the best product and long-lasting quality possible.  

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