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    What are the different styles and types of fences to choose from?

    For residential homes, wood, aluminum or steel and vinyl are the most common materials used in building fences. However, we can also do chain link fences which are often used in commercial situations.

    How long does it take to install a fence?

    Most fences under 300′ in length can be installed in a day, but it will depend on how hard and rocky the soil is.

    Will my fence require any maintenance?

    Yes, depending on the product chosen.  Wood fences should be sealed 45 to 60 days after install and every 18 months after that.  PVC and metal fences do not require routine maintenance.

    If my fence is leaning over and needs to be propped, can it be fixed or do I need a new one installed? 

    We are not currently offering repair services, unless it’s a product that we have installed.

    What type of fence will keep my dog confined but not block my view?

    This really depends on your dog’s personality.  Our staff, office and owner are all dog people and can help you to pick the best product for your needs.

    Can vinyl fences break?  

    YES!!! Vinyl is a great product under the right circumstances.  However, if your yard has pebbles that you mow over, it will cause the fence to have holes in it.  Larger dogs can also be problems for vinyl depending on their temperament.

    How do vinyl fences stand up to wind?

    All vinyl products we use are rated for wind gust up to 95mph.

    Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty in the install of the fence.


    Is a permit needed to install a patio?

    No. Patios never need permits.

    What makes concrete pavers better than poured or stamped concrete?

    Concrete cracks, we have all seen it! When the concrete cracks the only way to fix it is to start over.  If a concrete patio or walkway was to sink again, the only way to fix it is to start over.  Pavers don’t tend to crack and when installed correctly they don’t sink. But if these things were to happen then all you have to do is reset the pavers in question.

    What are pavers made from?

    Pavers are made from concrete but are colored and textured in unique and exciting ways that give you a one of a kind look.

    How do I stop weeds from growing between the pavers?

    We use Polymeric sand to lock in all of our work.

    Should the patio be sealed?

    We don’t recommend sealing the patio to protect it in any way, but some homeowners want to seal their patios to change the finish of the patio.

    Is a paver patio easy to maintain?

    Yes, patios require little maintenance.  We recommend a light power washing and booming in polymeric sand every 3 to 5 years depending on weather.


    How long does it take to build a deck? 

    It usually takes about 5 – 8 working days.

    How do I care for my deck after it’s installed?

    Wood decks need to be sealed like fences. Composite decks shouldn’t need anything more than being hosed off if it were to get dusty.

    What is composite decking material?

    Composite decks consists of some type of plastic material, such as polyethylene and/or polyvinyl chloride, and wood particles.  They are easy to maintain and are extremely popular.

    Do you recommend a composite deck or pressure treated?

    It depends on a few factors: how long do you plan to own the home, will you do the necessary maintenance if you choose a wood product, and of course your budget.

    Which is more expensive, a composite deck or a pressure treated deck?

    Composite materials run about 40 to 60% higher than pressure treated pine products.

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